Quality window and door products are important, but remember to consider the installation as well. Professional installation is the cornerstone of any home improvement project. When replacing old windows or doors, many people focus primarily on the product itself. Sometimes we forget to ask questions about the installation. There are couple reasons for that.

First, if you’re getting two or three estimates for your project, you might notice that it’s common for the presentations to focus mainly on the product, and often avoid discussing the installation itself. Unfortunately, many sales representatives are great at presenting products but they lack real knowledge and experience regarding the actual installation. In other words, they may be great salesman but poor installers. Many replacement window and door sales representatives have only a basic knowledge and understanding of the installation process that they obtained from a two or three hour training session in the office. They won’t be able to answer your questions and explain the process in detail.

Secondly, many salesmen simply don’t want you to be educated about the installation. As some companies sell the product but then outsource the window and door installation to others, they may not even know who will be doing the actual installation. That makes it hard to know what kind of installation practices the installers will have. Will they treat your home in a clean and respectful manner? Are the installers responsible for making sure the job is done well? After all, it’s not really their job and you’re not really their customer.

At Custom Exchange, Inc Windows we make sure you know as much as possible about everything we will do in your home. We take the time to educate you regarding the options of installation, the materials involved, and the timing of the whole project. You will get a lot more from our presentation than just a price.

I was not always an owner of a window company. I had started in the window business as a helper, grew to become the crew leader, measurement specialist, production manager, project designer, and finally I opened my own business. That gives me a great opportunity to bring you all the information you need before you even start your project. If you have any questions, I can answer them. Please do not hesitate to call me; I will be happy to answer your questions.


I have come across several basic reasons why customers encounter problems with their windows or doors. One of the most common reasons for service calls is simply a lack of regular maintenance. Most companies want you to believe that vinyl windows and doors are virtually maintenance free. That is only a half-truth. Every manufacturer of vinyl windows and doors will recommend regular maintenance on their products. That might be more difficult then it seems. Everybody knows that you have to wash the windows. But how often are we really washing them? Probably not enough. For houses in a normal environment, it’s recommended that windows and doors be washed every three months. Houses in environments with a higher risk, like those near the ocean, close to a highway, the inland desert, etc. are recommended to wash their windows and doors every month. We are talking just about regular washing. That means using a glass cleaner to wash the glass and wipe the frames and inside track.

Deeper cleaning is recommended at least once a year for houses in a regular environment, and every six months for homes in higher risk environments. During the process of deeper cleaning, the window and door glass and frames are cleaned as usual, but the moving glass sashes need to be removed from the windows or doors as well. That will allow you to remove the track and flush out the inside draining system with water. This is crucial to keep the window or door drains from clogging. Because not everybody knows how to perform a deep cleaning of the windows it is always better to hire a professional window washing company or call the company who installed your windows and doors and we will be happy to instruct you on how to perform a deep cleaning.