Patio Doors: A Great Summer Addition to Pleasanton Homes

Replacement Patio Doors Pleasonton, Ca

Before you know it, summer will be upon us! With the warmer temperatures in the Bay Area, more people will be spending time outdoors. Whether you’re entertaining, or just enjoying the great weather with your own family, adding patio doors to your home is a great way to extend your home’s living area to the outdoors. If you already have a sliding patio door, but it is an older style and no longer functioning as it used to, replacing it with a new, energy efficient vinyl or fiberglass patio door is a great upgrade to make to your home.

At Custom Exchange, we offer a variety of sizes and styles of patio doors to suit any Pleasanton home from top brands like Simonton, Milgard, and Monte Verde. There are many options to consider when choosing a patio door. Here are a few of the types of patio doors we offer:

Two-Panel Sliding Patio Doors

By far the most popular type of patio doors we sell is two-panel sliding patio doors. As the name implies, these doors have two door panels, made largely of glass. One door is operable (sliding) and one is stationary. You can choose which panel you wish to be the operable one. You can get sliding doors for your Pleasanton home that are either contemporary or more traditional in style, depending on the style of your particular home.

Three-Panel Sliding Patio Doors

With three-panel sliding patio doors, one door panel is operable and the other two are fixed. Like two-panel patio doors, you can choose which panel is the operable one. If you choose the middle panel, you can also decide which way it will slide. It is important to note that while three panel patio doors give you more viewing area than two-panel doors, the space that opens up to the outdoors will be about the same in both two-panel and three-panel doors.

Four-Panel Sliding Patio Doors

If you have a large space of wall in your Pleasanton home in which you would like to install sliding patio doors, a four-panel door might be the best way to go. With four-panel doors, the two middle doors are operable, giving you a large opening, as well as a large viewing area that will allow in a good amount of natural light.

French Hinged Patio Doors

French hinged patio doors are a great choice for Pleasanton homes with a more traditional look. With French hinged doors, you can choose whether the operable panels swing in or out, depending on the placement of your furniture. You can get French hinged doors with one to four panels. In a two-paneled set of French doors, both panels will be operable. In a three-panel set, only one door will be operable, and in a four-panel set of doors, two of the doors will be operable and the other two will be fixed.

Contact Custom Exchange for Patio Doors in Pleasanton

Summer is typically the busiest time for our replacement window and door company, so if you want to have patio doors installed in your Pleasanton home for summer, call us soon so we can come out to your home, take measurements, give you an estimate, and order your patio doors before summer gets here. Give our office a call or use our website’s contact form to get the process started.