Sliding Replacement Window Options for Livermore and Pleasanton Homeowners

Replacement Sliding Windows in Pleasanton, Ca and Livermore, Ca

Sliding windows are a popular type of window chosen by many Livermore and Pleasanton homeowners looking to replace the windows in their homes. A sliding window, sometimes just called a “slider,” is great for rooms that need a vertically oriented window in which you also want to bring in some fresh air when the weather is nice outside.

They are best suited for more modern styles of homes, such as ranch-style homes, mid-century modern homes, prairie-style homes, or Tudors. Homes with more traditional styling would typically utilize single or double hung windows or casement windows in rooms where ventilation is desired. However, there are no hard and fast rules in architecture, so you can feel free to install sliders in any style of home.

There are basically two types of sliders with several additional options to consider:

Two-Lite Sliding Replacement Windows

Two-lite sliders have two panels of glass, each with its own sash. In most two-lite sliders, only one of the glass panels is operable, and slides over the fixed panel when opened. However, you can also purchase two-lite sliders in which both panels are operable, so you can choose which side to open.

Three-Lite Sliding Replacement Windows

A three-lite slider offers three panels of glass to let in additional light, with two of the panels being operable. Typically, half of the glass area in a three-lite slider will be the fixed middle panel, one-fourth will be the sliding panel on the right side, and the final fourth will be the sliding panel on the left side. Both operable panels can be opened at the same time, sliding over the fixed center panel.

Sliders in Combination with Other Replacement Windows

You aren’t limited to just two- or three-lite sliders. You can combine them with other styles of windows for a custom look. For example, you can place a half-round window over top of your slider, or you could put two or more two-lite sliders next to each other to let in a ton of natural light and fresh air. Let a team member from Custom Exchange help you choose the best combination of windows for your home that will complement your style. Sliders can also be customized with grids and upgraded hardware.

New and Improved Replacement Sliding Windows for Livermore and Pleasanton Homes

If you have an older home with sliders, you may not be too excited about replacing them with new sliders. But let us assure you, the modern vinyl sliding windows we sell at Custom Exchange are nothing like the aluminum frame sliders of old. Aluminum frames are easily dented, which causes the windows not to slide as freely as they once did. This makes it a frustrating experience to open and close them. However, you will be amazed at how smoothly new vinyl replacement windows operate! You can literally slide them open and closed with one finger! They are built to last and will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

If you’ve been considering replacement sliding windows, or any type of window or patio door for your Livermore or Pleasanton home, give us a call or contact us through our website. We look forward to hearing from you!