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Replacement Windows Grids Options Pleasanton, Ca

When it comes to choosing the details of your replacement windows, many homeowners in Livermore and Pleasanton look to window grids to give their home some added style. Window grids can take a home from ordinary to neighborhood standout! This simple feature accentuates the architecture of a home, and gives a simple home some much needed character.

At Custom Exchange, we sell replacement windows in Livermore and Pleasanton from some of the most popular window manufacturers. Each company has different options when it comes to window grids. Read on to find out which companies sell windows with the type of grids you are looking for.

Monte Verde Windows

Monte Verde offer the most popular styles and patterns of window grids. Their grids come in white, in 5/8” strips or 1” strips. You can choose either flat grids or sculptured grids, depending on whether you want a more modern or traditional look. As for grid patterns, Monte Verde offers Colonial (the classic grid pattern), Perimeter, and Queen Anne configurations.

Milgard Windows

Milgard offers both flat and sculptured grids as well. They also offer grids in multiple colors to match the standard and premium window frame colors in their vinyl replacement windows. Milgard lets homeowners choose from the popular Colonial grid pattern, as well as Valance grids (popular in Victorian homes) and Perimeter grids. All of these patterns can be customized—you can specify the number of grids and the exact pattern. See Milgard’s page dedicated to window grids for examples.

One grid option that’s available from Milgard that’s not available from our other replacement window manufacturers is simulated divided lites. This is the window industry term for grids that are placed on the interior and exterior panes of your dual paned windows. They are meant to simulate the older style of windows, which were actually made up of smaller panes of glass and held together by a grid. If you live in a traditional style of home, this may be an attractive option, but note that windows with this type of grid are more difficult to clean than windows with grids placed between the panes of glass.

Simonton Windows

Simonton offers a large selection of grid styles and patterns. You can get flat grids in white, tan, or driftwood. Their sculptured grids are available in white, tan, driftwood, maple, cherry, polished brass, and three different types of oak. Not all colors are available on all products, however, and some colors are only available as interior colors. As far as grid patterns go, Simonton offers Colonial, Perimeter, Prairie, Diamond, and Valance (which they call “Victorian”) configurations.

Alside Windows

The grid patterns available from Alside include Colonial, Diamond, Prairie, and Double Prairie patterns. For Alside’s grid profiles, you can get flat grids (which they call “Classic”) in white or beige, and sculptured, or contoured grids in white, beige, maple, foxwood, cherry, brass, light oak, or dark oak. They also have a unique offering they call “narrow brass.”

If you are unsure of which types of grids or grid patterns will look best in your Pleasanton or Livermore home, we’d be happy to help you choose. Our replacement window experts can show you options that will complement and enhance your home’s style. They can also help you choose replacement window products that will meet your needs as far as energy efficiency and safety.

Contact us today to have your questions answered, or to get started with the process of replacing the windows in your Pleasanton or Livermore home.