Window Security: What Type of Locking Mechanisms Come with Simonton and Monte Verde Replacement Windows?

Replacement Windows Security in Livermore, CA

One of the reasons Livermore homeowners tell us they want to install new windows in their homes is to increase their home’s security. With older windows, one of the first things to break is often the locking mechanism, and once it breaks, you are no longer able to adequately secure your home’s windows. This means that it would be easy for anyone wanting to break into your home to go through almost any window, without even having to break the glass.

Upgrading your Livermore home with replacement windows can be a great way to make your home more secure. Window locks have come a long way, especially in the last few years, making now a great time to replace your old windows.

Different window brands offer different types of window locks. Read on to find out what types of locks are available with Simonton windows and Monte Verde windows—two of the top replacement windows brands in Livermore—both of which we sell at Custom Exchange.

Simonton Window Locks

Simonton offers two different types of locks for their replacement windows: an automatic lock and a traditional cam lock. The traditional cam lock is available on their DaylightMax, Madeira, and Verona lines. This type of lock works by pulling the window sash together for a secure, watertight seal.

Simonton’s trademarked AutoSense lock is only available on their DaylightMax line of windows. As the name implies, this lock engages automatically whenever it senses the window is closed. It surpasses the nation’s strictest forced entry code requirements, and has a more low-profile design than a traditional cam lock, giving your new windows a cleaner look. The AutoSense locking hardware matches the window frame color you choose, or you can upgrade to one of their “Decorum” finishes.

Not that long ago, locks that engage automatically, like Simonton’s AutoSense locks, were considered an upgrade only available in the most expensive replacement windows. But Simonton has made them a standard feature in their DaylightMax line. However, you still have the option of a traditional cam lock if you prefer. When engaged, cam locks are just as effective as automatic locks, you just have to manually engage the lock; however, this isn’t a difficult task.

Monte Verde Window Locks

Similar to Simonton’s DaylightMax windows, Monte Verde windows also offer a cam lock and an automatic locking option. However, with Monte Verde, the automatic lock, which they call their Pro-Latch Lock, is an upgrade for which you will pay extra.

Monte Verde’s pull-tight cam lock is fastened to metal reinforcement for added strength and security. Both lock types pass California’s very stringent California Forced Entry (CFE) resistance test.

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