Increase your Pleasanton Home’s Curb Appeal with Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows Pleasanton, CA

Many of our Bay Area customers contact us for replacement windows because they live in an older home with drafty windows or with windows that are difficult to open and close. They want windows that are more energy efficient and that will make it easier for them to enjoy fresh air on nice days.

Another reason people choose to replace their home’s windows is to give it a fresh, updated look. Replacement windows can do a lot to improve the curb appeal of your home. They can give you home a more crafted feel, and they can even set your home apart from those in your neighborhood when you include features like window grids.

To see some examples, take a look at our gallery, which has a ton of before and after pictures of homes that have had replacement windows installed. You’ll see that many of the homes previously had windows with dark aluminum frames, and we replaced them with windows with white vinyl frames. This change can really help a home “pop” and cause your eye to be drawn to the home. It just gives the home a clean, fresh look. Casual passers-by may not know exactly why your home stands out from the others in your neighborhood, but they will notice that it looks upgraded and modern.

Replacement Windows are a Great Home Selling Feature

If you plan on selling your home anytime in the near future, replacement windows can really be a helpful selling feature. Not only will potential buyers like the energy savings that come with new windows, but your home will also have that added “curb appeal” that causes buyers to stop and take a longer look at a property.

Enjoy Your New Windows Sooner Rather than Later

We’ve been installing replacement windows in Pleasanton, Livermore, and the surrounding areas for many years. We can’t tell you how many times customers have told us something like, “If we had known what a difference replacement windows would make in our home, we would have had them installed years ago!” It’s hard to explain how much better your home will look and how much more comfortable and quiet your home will be with new windows—but the difference can be quite dramatic!

Get started now with the process of replacing your home’s windows and you can be enjoying them soon. Contact Custom Exchange today to find out more about the replacement windows we offer to Pleasanton and Livermore homeowners. We can set up an in-home consultation with you, where you can have all of your questions answered and receive a quote for replacement windows for your home. We hope to hear from you soon!