Decoding Simonton’s Replacement Window Warranty for Residential Customers in Pleasanton

Simonton Replacement Windows Pleasanton, Ca

Simonton is a very popular brand of replacement windows with our customers—and for good reason! They’re a well-known and respected brand, they make excellent products, and they provide Pleasanton homeowners with an excellent warranty on their replacement windows.

The warranty isn’t the same for every Simonton replacement window, however. The warranty on Simonton’s Verona collection of windows—a very popular, budget-friendly line of replacement windows—does not provide the same amount of coverage as the higher-end Madeira and DaylightMax windows.

Read on, and we’ll outline the warranties on the various Simonton replacement window products, when used in Pleasanton single-family residences (the warranties for windows installed in commercial or multi-resident buildings are different—ask us for details).

Warranty for Simonton’s Madeira and DaylightMax Windows

The warranties on Simonton’s Madeira and Daylight Max lines of replacement windows are some of the best in the industry! Both lines come with a “Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty with Labor.” What does this mean exactly? A Double-Lifetime warranty means that your windows are covered for as long as you own your home, and is transferable to a subsequent homeowner. Simonton will pay to repair or replace any defective window, including labor costs.

Simonton’s Madeira and DaylightMax warranties also include coverage for accidental glass breakage, even on products with tempered glass. This means that if your window’s glass is broken, the glass component of the window will be replaced at no charge!

The word “limited” in the Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty means that there are limitations to what the warranty covers. For example they will not cover damage caused by certain “acts of nature” such as high winds, food, and fire. They also will not replace windows that have been damaged due to negligence or improper usage. If you have Simonton windows installed (or any windows, really), make sure you read their care and maintenance recommendations so you don’t do anything that would void your warranty. Simonton will also not provide installation for things like replacement screens or hardware, since homeowners can reasonably be expected to install these items themselves.

There are other exceptions to Simonton’s warranty coverage (like normal wear and tear to weatherstripping, minor scratches, etc.), so make sure you read the warranty completely before purchasing your Simonton replacement windows.

Warranty for Simonton’s Verona Windows

Given that Verona is Simonton’s entry-level line of replacement windows, these products only come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty (as opposed to the Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty that is included with Madeira and DaylightMax window). This means that the warranty only covers the original purchaser of the windows for a lifetime. The warranty is transferable to one subsequent homeowner, but the warranty is only good for 10 years after the date of the window installation when it is transferred. There is also no coverage for accidental glass breakage with Verona windows.

All of the limitations mentioned above for Madeira and Daylight Max windows also apply to the Verona line of windows.

Other Important Simonton Warranty Information for Pleasanton Homeowners

The window screens that come with Simonton’s windows are only covered by a one-year warranty, and the warranty does not cover things like damage from pets or wild animals, or bent frames due to improper removal or installation. Laminated glass (an optional upgrade for Simonton windows) is only covered for 20 years.

If you ever have an issue with your Simonton windows that is covered by their warranty, contact the Pleasanton replacement window dealer or contractor that installed the windows.

If you want to know more about Simonton replacement windows for your Pleasanton home, contact us at Custom Exchange. We would be happy to answer all of your questions and get started on the process of replacing your windows with new, energy-efficient windows and doors.