Installing Replacement Windows in a House Flip? Choose the Right Ones for Resell

Replacement Windows for House Flip

Flipping houses as a career or as a side business to earn some extra money has become more and more popular in recent years. It can be a lucrative venture if you do it right. Many times, house flippers in cities like Pleasanton, San Ramon, or Livermore will choose to install replacement windows to help give the house a fresh new look inside and out, and also to increase the home’s energy efficiency (a great selling feature).

House flippers are typically on a fairly strict budget for their remodels, and replacement windows can be one of the larger items in that budget, so most house flippers we’ve met want to choose the most affordable replacement windows possible.

Choose Quality Replacement Windows

It’s tempting to choose cheap windows for a home you won’t ever be living in yourself, especially when they look essentially the same as more expensive windows at first glance, but we would caution you from installing builder grade windows. Home buyers, especially those in the Bay Area, are becoming increasingly savvy. With the internet at their fingertips, they can easily look up the window manufacturer and find out if the windows you’ve installed are of good or poor quality. So, make sure you install replacement windows with a good reputation for energy efficiency and durability.

Choose Replacement Windows with the Right Warranty

Many replacement window warranties only cover the original purchaser of the windows. This is bad news for someone purchasing a flipped home with recently replaced windows. Since the house flipper is the purchaser of the windows, the windows won’t be covered once the property changes hands to a new owner under this type of warranty. Fortunately, there are some replacement window companies that offer warranties that cover the original purchaser, as well as the subsequent homeowner.

One of the companies that offers such a warranty is Simonton, which is a replacement window brand we sell at Custom Exchange. Their Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty is one of the best of the industry. As a home seller, you would be smart to mention the warranty when selling your house, so potential buyers will understand that the new windows will be covered should anything go wrong with them down the road. A warranty like this can really help your home stand out from others on the market, and may even be the reason a seller chooses your home over another!

Make sure you transfer the warranty to the new homeowner once the sale is complete (usually you have 30 days to do this) so they can take advantage of it. Typically, you can complete the transfer form online on the window manufacturer’s website.

Contact Custom Exchange for Help with Choosing the Right Replacement Windows

Whether you’re a house flipper or a homeowner who plans to stay in your Bay Area home for many years, we’d love to help you choose the best replacement windows for your situation that will fit within your budget. We can help you sort through all of the available options, and explain things (like warranties) in language that will make sense to you.

We will even come to you! Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your no-obligation consultation with one of our helpful, knowledgeable team members. At your appointment, you’ll receive a free estimate on replacement windows for your Pleasanton, San Ramon, or Livermore home and all the information you need to make an informed decision.