Simonton Double Hung Windows Offer Convenience for Homeowners in Pleasanton and Dublin, CA

Simonton Double Hung Replacement Windows Pleasanton, Ca

Double hung windows are a great choice for almost any home. They are narrower than a double or single slider window, so they fit in almost any room, regardless of size. They also have a more traditional look that many Pleasanton and Dublin homeowners want in their replacement windows, and they look great in many different types of homes, including ranch, colonial, Cape Cod, Craftsman, Tudor, or Victorian style homes.

If you’re not familiar with a double hung window, here are the basics: They are vertically oriented, with two glass panels called sashes. Both sashes can be opened to allow in fresh air—the bottom sash can slide up or the top sash can slide down.

How is a Single Hung Window Different from a Double Hung Window?

Double hung and single hung windows look very similar on the surface; however, they have one major difference in the way they function. In a single hung window, only one sash (usually the bottom) is able to be opened to allow in fresh air, but in a double hung window, both glass panels are operable.

Why Should I Consider Double Hung Windows for My Pleasanton or Dublin, CA home?

You may be wondering why it’s helpful for both sashes to be operable like they are in a double hung replacement window. This is especially important for homes with a second story. Cleaning second-story windows can be challenging, but double hung windows make keeping your upstairs windows clean a snap!

With double hung windows, you can open both sashes and tilt them inward, so you can clean the exterior glass from the inside of your home. No more using ladders or long extension poles to wash and dry your second-story windows!

What Replacement Window Brands Carry Double Hung Windows?

All of the replacement window brands we carry at our Pleasanton replacement window company have the option of a double hung window, including Simonton, Monte Verde, and Milgard. Simonton even put together this helpful video to demonstrate the operation of their double hung windows. If you’re a visual person and can’t quite picture in your head how double hung windows can tilt in so you easily wash the exterior glass, take a look at the video and see how simple it is.

At Custom Exchange, we carry a wide range of replacement window styles. Double hung windows are only one of the many types we sell. If you’re not sure what styles of replacement windows will best suit your house, one of our friendly and helpful team members can help you choose the best ones for your specific home.

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